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Before & After Cases (1 - 2) for Stephanie Abrams

stephanie beforepicture - case 10352
stephanie afterpicture - case 10352
stephanie_before.jpg   (case 10352)   stephanie_after.jpg
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Grace Sun DDS - Before & After Cases -<b> Stephanie</b>Grace Sun DDS - Before & After Cases - Stephanie
Phone (310) 274-4200 Before After Stephanie Before: Stephanie had an unsightly large gap between her two top front teeth. Stephanie After: All of Stephanie"s top front teeth were bonded, distributing the spaces between teeth, to achieve the proper proportion for the two front teeth. Contact us today for a free cosmetic dentistry consultation - 310.274.4200 or email Dr. Sun is a Fellow and...
view1393 beforephoto - case 9180
view1393 afterphoto - case 9180
view1393_before.jpg   (case 9180)   view1393_after.jpg
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San Diego Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Before & After PhotosSan Diego Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos
Before: 150 lbs Weight After: 139 lbs Patient Gender: Female Skin Tone: Medium Implant Size Left: 420 cc Implant Size Right: 480 cc Cup Size Before: C Cup Size After: D Testimonial: Hi there, I'm Stephanie Pasimio and I'd like to tell you all about my experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff. I'm 40 and I've been fighting with my midsection area for quite some time. With dieting, losing...

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